The day-to-day challenge is to perform effectively with others in a work environment that is constantly changing. This demands superior leadership and a resilient senior team equipped with a clear value proposition and a trusted strategic development process. TavisUchida addresses the people in the process, enhancing the leaders’ effectiveness and improving the performance of the team by identifying value and facilitating change through unique dialogue.

Some reasons are worth more than others. A value proposition can be an elusive thing as time passes and conditions change. For the leader a personal inquiry into strengths and advantage yield insights that improve effectiveness and satisfaction; as the heartbeat of the organization, it enables focus, continuity and inspiration for others.
Our Immersion Process is an opportunity to understand your unique value proposition and your influence on strategy and performance in the people around you.

How is Immersion different from the coaching that I am familiar with?

Coaching is a focus on process and action. The Immersion Process is an opportunity, first, to investigate the barriers to action and second, to explore alternative strategies to optimize your performance and results. This is an exploration dedicated solely to supporting personal strategic advantage at critical points in your career or organization. It is a pivotal experience with a profound and immediate refocus on stubborn or recurring issues. Invariably this experience includes lifelong learning tools and relationship enhancing techniques that are indispensable in the pursuit of improving leader performance and team-building excellence.

Is there a way to prepare?

No. Your existing courage and tenacity are enough.

What are the benefits of this process?

Strengthen authentic leadership qualities.
Overcome recurring leadership issues.
Identify and expand unique leadership value.
Focus on forward-looking strategies.

Resilience is adaptive capacity. Leaders are always measured by their resilience in the midst of change and opportunity. Crossroads, strategic shift, innovation, next level, fresh challenge, personal brand or legacy; they all require different, sometimes unfamiliar, perspectives and choices.
Our Leadership Development Process addresses the need for clarity and simplicity at critical junctures, a reflective process that brings the best of the leader forward and the optimal business opportunities into view.

TavisUchida offers an opportunity to better understand your strengths as a leader, to reaffirm the substance of your success and to explore new avenues for effectiveness and fulfilment.


Who are the candidates for this experience?

A new game.
I am faced with a shift in context, exposure, outlook and experience. The game appears to be changing or it’s time for me to change the game, due to competitive stress, industry shifts and rapid trends. I need clarity and simplicity to get reoriented and to design a new landscape, with energy and focus.
The next level.
I have a career that can advance to the next level. I want to take my learning from past successes and combine it with new personal insights and a new business vision. I need to focus on changes, challenges and opportunities. I am just beginning to envision new possibilities.

A different success.
I am not a stranger to success. My accomplishments to date exceeded my goals and this is my opportunity to reassess the nature of these achievements. I already know my future will be different from the past. What is the difference? How and why will it be an improvement?

The strategic refresh.
My experience as a leader has consistently informed my personal outlook. Experience and growth have generated new questions about my business activities and team relationships. This is an opportune moment to address recurring issues, to be self-critical, progressive and proactive.

The legacy.
It is now time to change my vision, “what do I want to create?”, or my legacy, “what will I wish to have created?” My fundamentals remain the same but there is a deeper, higher quality trajectory to what I have in mind. There are other ways to make the contribution I need to make.

Communication, no one can do it alone. Throughout each and every engagement we are committed to creating a quality of dialogue that is penetrating and constructive. This is critical to our effectiveness in facilitating breakthroughs and insights, designed to explore unfamiliar territory and develop new communication instruments for performance in business. Communication is the utility, dialogue is the opportunity.


TavisUchida was created in 2011 in Toronto as an amalgam of Scott Tavis from change management and Robin Uchida from design and communication. They have a shared history in effective dialogic approaches and creative strategic consulting for corporate leaders, corporate positioning and cultural development within organizations. Their experiences have included CEO Counseling, Senior Team facilitation, Leader Transition counseling, Human Rights mediation… Clients have included Scotiabank, Danon US Research & Development, Mars International, Medtronic Canada, KornFerry Canada.

Scott Tavis

Berkeley to Toronto, systems study to cultural change, strategic impact to executive purpose; for Scott it has always been about change, not for its own sake but for what it reveals about the life in people, ideas and organizations. Scott is unrelenting in his mission to deliver new awareness and deep development as a counselor to leaders at critical moments in their careers. His ability to delve into the things that stop us and look directly into the eyes of the things we want, makes him essential to TU’s mission to inspire others to “create it and mean it”.

Robin Uchida

Robin has used creative thinking to transform notions into visions, ideas into expression and concepts into action. He is valued for his unique observations and alternative insights, intended to build clarity and simplicity in complex or ambiguous situations. Insights are driven by more than knowledge, they are the product of the spirit of possibility and faith in the unfamiliar, attributes in Robin that make TU’s work a welcome challenge and a distinct departure from the expected. A serial entrepreneur and a social innovator, all of his efforts challenge the norm and invite progress.
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